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I enjoy spending time out on the trail. Luckily, my career allows me the freedom to pursue that passion. While I’m out in the field or on the trail, my choice in gear has a direct impact on my overall experience. When it comes to the clothes that I choose to wear… I need the most amount of protection while still experiencing freedom of movement. I recently came across a pair of pants that have truly impressed me. That is why I want bring this Black Diamond Denim Pants review to your attention.

Black Diamond has been around for years and are a very credible company. Their main niche is catering to climbers. So when Black Diamond added these Forged Denim Pants to their collection, I had to investigate a bit further.

When it comes to pants, especially while I’m out in the field environment, I mainly stuck to cargo type pants. They served me well in the United states Marine Corps so they remained my go-to pants for work and my little adventures. To be honest, wearing denim pants or jeans, while in the field, wasn’t even a blip on my radar. I certainly would wear them for a night out but in the field, well… They were a bit too restrictive.

What first captured my attention with these Forged Denim Pants was the fact that they were made with a Cordura™ fiber. I was very familiar with Cordura™ since all of my high-end backpacks and rucks were made with this material. This material is made to last and also allows for flexibility.

Lang-Lasting And And No Movement Restriction… I Was Sold!

From the minute that I put on these pants they felt different than any other denim pants that I own. They were tight where they needed to be and loose in all the right places. They felt as if I were wearing an old and comfortable pair of pajama bottoms. It was time to take them out on the trail and give them a real test.

I headed out to the nearest State Park with my Pit bull Bruno and my wife. I did a bit of stretching before we headed out on the trail and once again, I felt No Restrictions. The pants were light and since it was a hot day, I expected to sweat even more than usual. But to my surprise… I actually felt my body temperature remaining cooler than it had with other clothing that I generally wear.


  • BD.FORGED designed and tested to be the world’s best climbing denim
  • Super durable Cordura Denim with unbelievable stretch, light enough to stay cool
  • Harness-compatible low-profile hardware
  • Integrated brush pocket
  • Slim, slightly tapered V11 Fit for pure climbing functionality
  • Weight: 610 g
  • Fit: Regular
  • Size: 28-38
  • Available in lengths 30, 32, and 34
  • Leg opening: 15.5″
  • Country of Origin: China

Bottom Line:
If you are in the market for a pair of comfortable denim pants, that look great while at the local bistro, and perform even better when out on the trail, take a look at these by Black Diamond. They have become my go-to choice in denim pants. I have a feeling that once you give them a try, you will have a similar reaction.

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