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Nova Labs/ Helium is migrating to Solana and there are many changes happening. One thing that remains constant is the fact that regardless of which token you mine or HODL, cold wallet storage is the way to go.

Helium recently released a new wallet for their HNT token. With this new wallet comes the ability to import an HNT wallet from the Ledger Nano X cold wallet and import it into the new HNT black wallet. This keeps your private keys offline and secure on your Ledger device.

In the video above I go into detail on how to create a wallet in the Ledger Nano X using the Helium Ledger CLI. I then show how to import that Ledger wallet into the new HNT wallet app.

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Ledger Live App for PC/ Mac: https://ledger.com/start

Helium-Ledger CLI: https://docs.helium.com/wallets/ledger/

Import Ledger HNT Wallet To HNT Wallet App: https://tinyurl.com/4pe4x6zt

Go To Google Store Or iOS App Store For The Mobile HNT Wallet & Ledger Live Apps.