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It’s been a couple of years since I started mining HNT Helium Network rewards. It’s been an interesting journey watching the Helium network grow and seeing the cryptocurrency space making wild swings on an almost weekly basis. One thing that I can say is that I still see a lot of potential in what the Helium network can offer in the near future.

Helium miners or hotspots earn HNT cryptocurrency for providing coverage on the Helium LoRa network. Over the past few months Helium also introduced the ability to earn MOBILE rewards by integrating a 5G CBRS radio into the Helium network. I saw that these 5G indoor bundles were being manufactured by FreedomFi and were available through Cal-Chip Connect. I contacted Cal-Chip, placed my order and received the 5G bundle within 2 days.

As I unboxed the FreedomFi 5G Indoor Bundle I noticed 2 main components. One was the gateway, which now took the place of my existing HNT miner and there was also the CBRS radio which connected to the gateway and provided the 5G coverage. I went to the FreedomFi website, clicked on their setup guides and followed each step.

I had the whole FreedomFi 5G bundle setup within 20 minutes. The directions were extremely simple and if you own and have setup up an HNT miner than this setup will be redundant and a breeze for you. It did take a few hours for me to get a lock on the GPS (SYNC light to turn and remain blue) but that was just a short waiting game.

I look forward to earning MOBILE and HNT rewards with my new indoor 5G bundle and hope to keep expanding my network within the next few months. As I learn and build upon the Helium 5G network, I will create new videos and blog posts so be sure to subscribe both here and on YouTube so that you can get access to that information the second that it goes live.

If you decide to purchase a FreedomFi 5G setup, please be sure to use the link below to help support this website:

Click HERE To Get Your FreedomFi 5G Setup!

Thank you for your continued support and I hope that you found this information helpful.