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Make your pup’s mealtime worry-free

My wife and I recently adopted a puppy and we named him Sombra. Sombra was found roaming the streets of Newark NJ. He had some health issues as expected, but the real issue was that, the poor boy, was emaciated. He looked as if he hadn’t gotten a real meal in months.

We took on a responsibility when we rescued Sombra. He not only deserves the best from here on out, but he also requires it. The Veterinarian stated that he was on tricky ground. We need to adhere to a strict feeding schedule or Sombra would develop severe health problems or… worse.

My wife and I began feeding Sombra 4-5 times per day, as per the Vet’s recommendation. We cooked Sombra’s meals, and after a couple of weeks, he was beginning to develop into the beautiful Pit bull that he was put on this earth, to be. My wife and I were happy with the results from the effort that we were putting into nursing Sombra, back to health.

And, all of a sudden… The World Changed.
We Were Hit With An Unprecedented, Pandemic.

We live in New Jersey. Our area has been hit hard and the statistics look bleak; for the foreseeable future. Getting to the grocery store has been an adventure… And a negative one at that. When the necessity arises, and we do have to head to the grocery store, the pickings are slim. It’s the type of scenario that if it were portrayed in a movie, just a couple of months ago, you would have stated that the script was poorly written… Just a bit too, out there to be true.

It has become a challenge to address mine and my wife’s nutritional needs. How de we maintain Sombra’s nutritional requirements, especially at such a detrimental time in his development?

Keeping the current scenario in mind, I came across an advertisement for dog food on Facebook. I had seen this ad before but now… I rang a bell. I clicked on the advertisement, went to their website and did a bit of research. I liked what I read and reached out to the contact on Ollie’s website. I had a few questions that were specific to Sombra’s health issues. I received a reply from Ollie, within 2 hours, and decided to place my order.

The order came within 2 days, as promised, and right from the minute that the Ollie package arrived, I was impressed. The packaging was top notch and contained dry ice which kept all of the meals, frozen -brick solid. The package included an impressive, reusable container and spatula, designed specifically for the Ollie meals. The packaging requires no tools to open and the process of preparing and feeding Sombra, couldn’t be more simplified.


Human-grade ingredients you can trust
High-quality meat
Sourced from family-run farms in the US and Australia
Fruits and veggies
Gently cooked to preserve their nutrients
Like chia seeds, full of omega-3 fatty acids
Zero fillers
No by-products, artificial flavors or preservatives
Made in the USA
-2 Day Free Shipping

Bottom Line:
With the current pandemic upon us, I feel very fortunate to have a company like Ollie on my side. The stress, the uncertainty and the daily bad news… is enough to challenge anyone’s sanity. The fact that I have zero worries about my best friend Sombra’s nutrition, is peace of mind, that to me… is priceless.

4 Month Update With Sombra On Ollie Food!

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