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I have been expanding my Helium network. I recently installed a FreedomFi 5G CBRS Indoor Bundle in my home and it is running well. I am not only providing 5G cellular and data to subscribers using the network but I am also mining $MOBILE tokens. I feel that there is something very viable about this Helium network and the future looks bright.

In order to use the Helium 5G network, mobile devices need to add a SIM card or eSIM to gain access. I recently received a Helium 5G Wi-Fi Access Point Bundle that will make the process of using the Helium 5G network for my own devices, guests and of course my family members… Super Simple! This Helium 5G access point takes the info from the FreedomFi CBRS radio and converts it into Wi-Fi. Anyone using my local network will now be able to do so without having to add a SIM card to their device. As long as their device is Wi-Fi capable, they can just access my network by putting in the SSID and password, just like any other WI-Fi network.


  • Simple, flexible installation options
  • Easy set up
  • Scalable commissioning and configuration
  • Remote device management
  • Secure, unique wireless credentials
  • No spectrum access fees required
  • 4G-LTE Cat 12, TDD bands 42, 43 & 48 with external antennas
  • Two-year warranty, upgradeable to five years

As the Helium network grows, I expect much more implementation and ease of operation. New features and case uses are being added on a daily basis as the expansion of the network continues.


If you want to expand the use and potential of your Helium 5G CBRS network, then certainly take a look at this Helium access point. It was a breeze to install, the customization is vast and new features are continually being added.

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