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With the current pandemic still battling us on a daily basis, I am always on the lookout for ways to make my home a healthier environment. After all, most of us have been spending a lot more time in our homes, as of late. We tend to notice more things around our home than ever before.

One of the things that have been bothering me was a damp smell coming from one of our rooms. This room was much more humid than the others. We have a dehumidifier running in our basement but the smell made me quite aware that we needed to add a second dehumidifier to the room in question.

Last year, I received a Honeywell Evaporative Air Cooler to review. I received it from a company called MyHomeClimate.com. This company is fully authorized by Honeywell and their customer service was great to deal with. I decided to reach out to them and ask them about their Honeywell Dehumidifiers.

They explained that they had a new Honeywell Smart Dehumidifier that they were willing to send over for us to review. I agreed and received the unit a few days later.

As expected, the dehumidifier arrived and was packed well. I opened up the box, took the unit out and began the setup. I followed the quick setup instructions that were provided in the manual, which were simple to understand.

At this point the unit was ready to go. All that I had to do was to press the power button. However, since this unit was smart, I wanted to connect it to my WiFi, and power it up via the app. I downloaded the free android version of the app (apple version is also available) and had it installed and configured with my unit, within 3 minutes.

I turned on the Honeywell dehumidifier and it worked and continues to work perfectly!

I did opt to install the continuous drain hose option. That way, I never have to worry about emptying the dehumidifier compartment manually.


  • POWERFUL DEHUMIDIFIER FOR ROOMS UP TO 1000 SQUARE FEET: This powerful beast effectively removes up to 30 pints of moisture from the air (20-Pint 2019 DOE Standard) to protect walls, curtains, furniture and appliances from excess household moisture. Ideal for basements, living rooms, cellars, and storage rooms.
  • PEACE OF MIND WITH A BRAND YOU TRUST: Honeywell Dehumidifiers are top rated by an independent, US-based product safety-testing agency since 2016 and all Honeywell Dehumidifiers are backed by an outstanding warranty. Plus, if you ever need help, the Honeywell Home Comfort customer service hotline connects you directly to an in-house customer support team who are ready to help (during office hours).
  • SMART & VERSATILE: WiFi Enabled and compatible with Amazon Alexa voice commands, the Honeywell Smart Dehumidifier can be controlled from almost anywhere. Change humidity and fan-speed settings without moving away from your busy routine.
  • EASY TO USE: The detachable water tank with comfort-grip handle & anti-spill tank guards make it a breeze to empty. OR connect included the drain tube to the Continuous Drain Outlet for carefree, automatic drainage.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN: The durable air filter helps reduce dust and washes clean under a faucet – no filter replacements necessary. A Filter Clean Alert reminds you to maintain the filter for optimal operation.


If you need a dehumidifier, that will help keep you and your family a bit healthier, take a look at this unit by Honeywell. It has added some needed, peace of mind, to our family. It also got rid of the moldy smell that set off this whole chain reaction in the first place.

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