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I recently bought a new pick up truck. Even before I had my truck I made a list of devices and equipment that I wanted for the pick up. I added a few accessories that I felt were necessary to add safety as well as protecting my truck. There was one device on that list that I had not yet gotten too; a gps tracker.

I have been mining $HNT while providing coverage within the Helium network. I was very familiar with the Helium network from that perspective but when it came to the end-user side, I had yet to give it a try. I had been aware of the Invoxia LongFi GPS Trackers that operate on the Helium network. I was also aware that I would be paying a fraction of the cost for my yearly subscription due to these Invoxia devices running on the Helium network. I contacted Invoxia and ordered (2) gps trackers.

I opted for 2 devices because I wanted to keep one in my truck and use the other while hiking and walking my dog. I figured this would not only be useful for safety and peace of mind but, I would also get a bit more insight on to how the Helium network truly works.

My devices arrived and I quickly opened the boxes in order to get the ready for use.

The device is super lightweight and simple in design. It has a micro-usb charging port and comes with a charging cable. It has an led light, a small button and a lanyard. That’s about it… pretty simple.

There is an app that you need to download for your mobile device. It is free, works well and simple to navigate through. It is recommended to fully charge the Invoxia gps tracker before you set it up. Once it is charged and your app is installed on your mobile device, just follow the instruction in the app to get up and running in no time.


  • Standalone GPS tracking with unlimited range (no need to have a smartphone nearby, unlike Bluetooth-only trackers)
  • Journey history and alerts (geofencing, motion and tilt detection…)
  • Exceptional battery life — up to 6 months depending on usage
  • 3-year subscription to Invoxia’s tracking platform
  • Lightweight, compact and discreet
  • Emergency button
  • Free iOS & Android app
  • Limited to the United States of America
  • Compatible with IFTTT

After 3 months of testing these 2 devices, I am extremely pleased overall. There were days where I wasn’t getting updates as frequently as I should. But I totally understand that the Helium network is growing daily and building the network as they go. From here on out, it will only get better each day.


If you are in the market for a GPS Tracker for you vehicle, bike, child, pet or 100 other applications, take a close look at these LongFi GPS Trackers by Invoxia. You can not beat the price, and the Helium network is getting bigger with each passing day. What that means to us is greater coverage area redundant coverage provided by The People’s Network.

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