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If you own crypto and do not have a crypto hardware wallet, then I strongly urge you to get one.

Common cryptocurrency wallets are what are known as hot wallets. Hot wallets connect or reside on the internet. Unfortunately for those users, like everything connected to the internet, it is prone to hacker attacks. With hardware or cold wallets, your passwords or seed phrase never leaves your hardware device and never connects to the internet.

Recently, I was sent a Keystone Pro crypto hardware wallet to review. This wallet is 100% air-gapped and uses a fingerprint to login in and to perform transactions. This adds a great deal of security but it also makes using this Keystone Pro a breeze when compared to other crypto hardware wallets.

The Keystone Pro also features a 4 inch touch screen that is intuitive and reacts much like a high end smart phone. One the back of the Keystone Pro you will find a camera so that you can scan QR codes in order to perform and verify your transactions. Below the camera you will find the fingerprint scanner.


  • 100% air-gapped hardware wallet: securely and conveniently send and receive crypto assets via QR code.Your private key will be stored in the secure element and will never leave there. The firmware of the Secure Element, hardware design (circuit diagram and BOM), hardware wallet application layer, and some parts of the hardware wallet operating system layer are open sourced.
  • Multicoin and BTC-only firmwares available: the multicoin firmware supports 1000+ cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, USDT, BCH, XRP, TRX, LTC, DASH, DOT, KSM and tokens of ETH, TRX. The BTC-only firmware is compatible with 10+ 3rd party software including but not limited to Bluewallet, Electrum, Specter, SushiSwap, MetaMask, etc.
  • Advanced features: PSBT BTC multi-sig, ETH multi-sig, cold staking, decodable DeFi transaction via ABI, etc. More new features are coming soon.
  • Backup & restore: The recovery phrase can be restored on any Keystone hardware wallet or other compatible wallets that also utilizes seed phrases based on the BIP32/39/44 standards.
  • Package: Keystone Pro, AAA battery holder, rechargeable battery, charging cable. Size: 112mm x 65mm x 18mm. Weight: 115 g (without batteries)


If you are in the market for a crypto hardware wallet that is geared to the daily user and is packed with security and tons of useful features, definitely take a close look at this Keystone Pro hardware wallet.

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