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At this point in my life, I have quite a few headphones to use with my various audio devices. Some are used for podcasts, others for outdoor use and of course, I have 1 or 2 for entertainment purposes. They all have served me well over the years for their intended applications. But on my last few flights, my over the ear headphones just weren’t cutting it. I tend to sweat while wearing those headphones, especially on those longer transatlantic flights. And when I tried to take a nap while maintaining my noise-cancelling feature, it was uncomfortable especially when I leaned against my headrest or window.

Let’s Get Back To The Noise Cancelling.

I do own a couple pairs of earbuds. They claim to have noise cancelling options but when I tried to use them on a flight to Europe, I quickly swapped them out for my, uncomfortable, noise cancelling headphones. As I’m sure you know, any noise that you can cancel out on a long flight is extremely welcomed.

Last month I came across an ad for the Oddict TWIG PRO earbuds. The first thing that caught my eye was the Snapdragon technology that they employed into these earbuds. I dug a bit deeper and saw that they were rated high when it came to their noise cancelling feature. Since I have a couple of long flights coming up, I decided to take a chance with the TWIG PRO and placed my order.

My order arrived and right from the unboxing, I was impressed. The packaging was sleek and nice. When I saw the case, with the cool brushed aluminum, I could tell that these were not going to be your average earbuds. I charged the case that contained the earbuds and was ready to begin my testing.

I downloaded the ODDICT app which is free and followed the setup instructions. In no time I was paired to my earbuds and began using the various features that the app has to offer; there are certainly quite a few. You can update the firmware, setup and preset your EQ for a custom sound, check the battery level of your earbuds and even locate your earbuds when they get lost in the sheets of stuck in the sofa.

I made a few phone calls using the TWIG PRO. I made the calls from my truck, with the window open and made other calls while outdoors on a windy day. Each time I was told that my voice was crystal clear and it sounded like I was indoors.

When it came time to testing the noise cancelling feature, which was crucial for me, I was hoping for the best. Up to this point, I was impressed with each step of the process. But if the noise cancelling was not up to my needs, It would definitely have been a deal breaker. Well, the noise cancelling on these earbuds is impressive. Now… they do not compare to my cumbersome, over the ear headphones as far as blocking out sound, but for their size they do a really great job. I will definitely be using these TWIG PRO on my next flight.


  • PREMIUM SOUND – The ODDICT TWIG features dual 12mm drivers, which gives a more crisp and clear sound quality while providing faster and more stable connection. The TWIG True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds come with the ODDICT Equalizer app to help you personalize your sound and help find missing and lost earbuds.
  • COMFORT FIT WITH SILICON TIPS – Comfortable and stable open ear design for all users. Custom silicone eartip jacket helps with noise isolation and to ensure a more secure fit.
  • QUICK CHARGE – One hour of playback time with a 10-minute charge. TWIG cradle supports wireless charging allows with any wireless charging pad or the ODDICT platform wireless charging pad. Full Charging Time – 1 hr (earbuds) 1.5hrs (case).
  • CONVENIENT TOUCH CONTROL – Effortlessly manage audio playback, calls, Siri & Google Voice Assistant with multi-function touch controls and dual microphone on each earbud for clear call quality.
  • IPX4 water resistance – water and sweat-resistant design keeps your earbuds protected during workouts and light rain.


If you are in the market for quality earbuds, that are bundled with a ton of features and truly offer a viable noise cancelling option, take a look at these TWIG PRO earbuds.

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