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With things getting a bit less crazy with pandemic-era travel, I have started traveling internationally a bit more often. Things are finally starting to get back on track except for all the craziness at the airports; but that’s another story. Since I have been spending more time in hotels and AirBNB apartments, I had to once again evaluate my personal security while traveling. One thing that I never travelled with in the past was a cold crypto wallet. But now I generally carry more than one in order to accommodate my needs.

These rented rooms and apartments usually provide a safe. But I’m always a bit weary since management and staff have keys and master combinations to get into these safes when customers forget their passcodes. I am aware that no safe is fool-proof but the goal is to create as much of a deterrent as I can; especially from prying eyes. I searched for portable safes and I came across this one from WINCENT. I liked the specs and placed my order.

The safe arrived and it was beefy; definitely not a paperweight. I plugged in the included USB-C cable and charged the lithium battery until it was full. I held down the number ‘4’ for 3 seconds and the safe turned on. I typed in the default passcode which is 1-2-3-4 and the safe opened. Inside was a zip log bag that included the user’s manual (which explains everything clearly and in detail) and a bunch of other components.

This safe has RFID so that you can enter your safe with 3 different included FOB options, without having to type in a passcode. There are 2 screws and anchors in case you want to mount your safe for a more permanent solution. There is a steel cable so that you can attach the safe to a stationary object, or even your backpack.


  • IC CARD CHIP ENCRYPTION: This pistol safe uses the high frequency IC chip sensor RFID card with encryption technology that can not be decrypted, and also it will not be degaussed and invalid after being used for a long time. WINCENT handgun safe box with RFID is much safer than other brands’ lockbox with ordinary RFID function on the market.
  • 2 WAYS ENTRY QUICK ACCESS: 1. The RFID of handgun safe is activated by placing the keyfob over the reader and instantly opens the lid. Come with 4 RFID fobs; 2. Electronic Keypad with 4-Digital; 3.One wristband fod as the emergency backup after it programs with gun case;
  • REINFORCED ANTI-PRY FEATURE – This portable car gun safe for handgun is made of a precision-formed 18-gauge rugged steel enclosure. It comes with a security cable that can be secured to any fixed objects at home or in a vehicle. The gun box will self-lock for 100 seconds after 5 consecutive wrong codes or card errors.
  • RECHARGABLE LITHIUM BATTERY: This gun lock box with a safety high-capacity lithium battery, this gun lockbox can be used for more than 6 months after being fully charged. It is more environmentally friendly than AAA Alkaline batteries. The package of hand gun safe includes a free USB charge cable.
  • COMPACT & SECURE DESIGN: The exterior dimension of this pistol safe is 11″ * 7″ * 1.9″ for handguns up to 8.5″ in overall length. This gun lock box can be kept in a drawer, cabinet, luggage and placed at home, car, office, or some other location that’s easy for usage. This small gun safe added a thick layer of memory foam to provide the best cushion performance, protecting your firearm and other valuables from scratching.


If you are in the market for a well built portable travel safe, take a look at this one by WINCENT. So far it has been a good travel companion for me.

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